The Game Basement Productions


Home of independent directors/producers/actors in Los Angeles that create live-action adaptations and web series centered around geek and nerd culture. Projects and collaborations include: The Broken Gear (Final Fight film), The Game Basement (original web series), Street Fighter x Tekken: the Devil within, Clandestine (original series) and many more.



The Broken Gear

Cody and Guy (1).jpg

A Final Fight Fan Film



When the suffering citizens of Metro City have all but lost hope against the constant threat of violence and crime put upon them, two Metro City natives rise up to battle the root of the oppression, the Mad Gear gang. Mike Haggar, former champion wrestler, street fighter, and newly elected Mayor of Metro City,  ushers in a strong political stance against the Mad Gear gang. Going public, Haggar quickly realizes the threat is far more ingrained than he could have ever imagined. On the street level is Cody Travers, a young man tired of living his life in fear who has reached a point of no return. Cody's answer is to fight fire with fire and bring fear and violence back to the Mad Gear gang. Will their tactics to save their city root out the gang problem ? or is it just a catalyst that will envelope the city into chaos...  


Epic Rival

Epic Rival is a special collaboration between Haile Lee and Christopher Cowan to create larger scope action projects such as the Clandestine series.



Haile Lee, Christopher Cowan, and Lex Randleman started the conceptualization and creation of Clandestine in 2013. A story of feudalistic supernatural clans, fighting for power in a modern world.  A young woman discovers she is the heir to one of these secret clans when her estranged and recently murdered Father appears as a vision within her dreams. Now the clans have brought her into a world of violence and traditional chaos as she has to learn how to be a leader, hero and matriarch to a family she's never known...

 A continuous ambitious action project for martial arts and fantasy fans alike. Pitch like tone and thematic episodes are completed and released along with a full episode kickstarted and backed by fans. Currently Clandestine is being reworked and re-developed for release other than web content.   


Naruto Shippuden: Dance of War - Short Film

The 4th Great Ninja War is near. Two Hidden Leaf ninja say goodbye to where they grew into ninja, by holding a ceremony to test their own resolve.


Thousand Pounds Action Company

Christopher Cowan started the group with performers and talented multi faceted collaborators like Brendon Huor and Vonzell Carter in 2010. Haile Lee officially joined in 2012 and since then they have collaborated on a number of different projects together as co-directors such as: Naruto Dreamers Fighter, and Street Fighter x Tekken: The Devil within.


Naruto Dreamer's Fight

Seeing Naruto grow steps closer to his dream, Rock lee decides he, too, must continue to grow and push his training even harder. Feeling unfulfilled in his regimen, Lee decides to challenge Naruto to a no holds barred duel in hopes to reignite his passion to become the best ninja he can be. This is a fan film for the Naruto series.


Street Fighter X Tekken

The Devil Gene The Satsui no hadou Both hide in the depths of one's soul and are unrelenting powers that plague the heroes of the Tekken and Street fighter universes respectively. "Is the quest for power just when the cost is your own humanity?"

The Game Basement

The Game Basement series is an ensemble cast of gamers who together deal with issues that life throws at them, whether that's gender discrimination or losing your best friend. What started as a Youtube series grew out into a podcast and a live-streaming channel where Vince continues to be the voice and leader of The Game Basement.