Vince, Weems and myself respond to listener mail! From “Why didn’t you talk about Tekken vs. Street Fighter” to finding out that Vince use to work for THQ. To have your e-mails read, send us your comments/critiques through the “contact us” page.

  • Jamik96

    hey guys i know this is late but thx 4 saying my name rite i wasnt mad at u guys i was mad at the trailer 4 making ryu look like a bitch lol

  • Darius Edwards

    Broken laptop leads to me not realizing my question and comment has been answered and responded to. Thanks, and no, I’m not a rapist, lol. Just a normal gamer otaku. And I’ve found my Gamebasement in the time between asking that question and now. College opens your mind up to a lot of experiences. My plans for moving have changed, but if you give me a spot in season 2 I’m there in a flash. Glad to know that season two is something that is gonna happen as well.

    Good gaming guys, peace.