Christmas time with Vince and Hex. We talk a lot about Gundam (so be prepared) and look back at what we’ve accomplished this year and what we are looking forward for 2012. This is an hour-long podcast since we missed doing one in November. We also address the elephant in the room that is Season 2.

  • Axeraer2

    Im looking forward to it.

  • Jeff

    No need to rush but uh, when is the next episode of the podcast?

    • HexxorLeiva

       We are planning on doing a podcast this very night. Vince has been really busy on working with Thousand Pounds and that’s why we haven’t been able to get it up and going lately. But we are doing one tonight and we are going to try and add Google+ Hangout to broadcast it also (this is in its experimental phase). So stay tuned, I will post something on the main page to let everyone know of the hour and the link to the Google+ Handout.