This week Hex and Vince talk about how gaming life was back in the day in the good old 1990’s. Vince mentions about a 3D system and a lost Dragonball game. Hex concludes that the Game Basement is a lot like Toonami in a few ways.

In the podcast we talk a lot about other shows from Toonami. To get a crash-course or just a reminder about what we are talking about – here is a site that can serve as a refresher.

Thanks for listening!

  • konpeito

    I remember that too, 2 eps per tape! The era before you could download anime off the net, I remember all those crappy fansites and shrines that were popular… Anime felt a lot more valuable back then because it was harder to get. I feel old too now…

  • Lakindred

    Vince since U talked about how captain america is your favorite character then u do know about the Black Captain America. If not then its a MUST read for all cap fans. names of the comic series is Truth: Red, White, and Black. Name of Black cap is Isaiah Bradley.