We have Richie Branson on the podcast where he talks about the #BringBackToonami¬†anthem¬†that helped lead the effort in bring back Toonami to Adult Swim on May 26th. He talks about how he got started, where he plans on going after #BringBackToonami and of course, Vince and Richie talk about which Gundam timeline is the best.… Continue reading

Coming back from hiatus – Rob, Vince and myself discuss what we have been up to. Vince speaks a bit on his collaboration with Thousand Pounds on working on Street Fighter: The Devil Within and we dive into Mass Effect 3’s poorly received ending in which Rob has explained his defense of the series. Enjoy!

This week we are calling you out Namco on your “secret” movie release of Tekken : Blood Vengeance. After all we went through on the first Tekken movie, you decided to unleash this upon the world? We need to have a seat and talk about this.

Vince, Weems and myself respond to listener mail! From “Why didn’t you talk about Tekken vs. Street Fighter” to finding out that Vince use to work for THQ. To have your e-mails read, send us your comments/critiques through the “contact us” page.