Coming back from hiatus – Rob, Vince and myself discuss what we have been up to. Vince speaks a bit on his collaboration with Thousand Pounds on working on Street Fighter: The Devil Within and we dive into Mass Effect 3’s poorly received ending in which Rob has explained his defense of the series. Enjoy!

Hey everyone, We recorded a podcast yesterday between myself and Vince.  Our conversation ranges from what might be happening with The Game Basement second season to a Chrono Trigger film that Vince thinks would be amazing as a live-action television series. Agree or disagree? Leave a comment and let us know what you think.  

We’re back… Walking into The Game Basement for the first time conjures different feelings for everyone. It could be a haven, where you feel right at home…or it could be a geeky underworld that makes a “non-gamer” feel funny on the inside… When uninvited guests come to The Basement…..well, you’ll see what happens… New Episode!… Continue reading