In the forums a fellow member by the name Brandissius linked to this site that is streaming shows that were on Toonami more-or-less as they were shown. This includes the bad dubs, the random bumpers with Birdman sitting in the same row as Wonder Woman on a plane, and promos for upcoming shows that already aired 10 years ago.

It’s a straight-forward site and I am really impressed by the dedication of the team behind the streaming and even going as far as creating a chat on the right so fans can speak to one another while they are watching these programs. To drive the nostalgia even further, the site has a set schedule for when these videos will be streaming.

Looking at the weekend line-up, I actually toyed with the idea of waking up at 7am to catch Digimon again like I did so many years ago, but then I know that isn’t going to happen because I know myself better than that.

Nostalgia is good, because it creates an importance on history and memory and how our histories and memories link all of us together in life. Remembering and then being present influences us on how to create a culture that we want to see. We know that Cartoon Network ended the Toonami series when they found that the demographic that kept Toonami high in ratings went to Adult Swim. We collectively grew up and so did our tastes, but now that we are older – we realize how good (or bad) these shows were and remind us of how much we have grown and what we found to be good at one point.

We are also old enough to create our own systems and environments. We have the capacity to create a system where we can stream shows that no one cares about because they matter to us. That’s why I feel like the Toonami : Aftermath project is important because it showcases our ability to create our own entertainment/world beyond the reach of media corporations. We like what we were shown and since the bigger corporations don’t care about it since there isn’t money to be made – we take it and make it our own. We should be allowed to do that and we will.


-Hex out