Hey everyone, I for one completely missed it, but apparently Cartoon Network showed Toonami on Adult Swim for this year’s April Fools. Yes, Toonami on Adult Swim. While it hit people by a huge surprise, it was an extraordinary pleasure to hear Tom’s voice again announcing the line ups (and for Tenchi Muyo – even… Continue reading

http://www.wired.com/gamelife/2012/02/southtown-arcade-game-center/ I read over this article on Wired.com talking about the life-cycle of arcades currently. I agree with Vince that they do have a life and that they do extend beyond Japan’s borders. There’s a better market to sell games to homes and have people versus each other online; yes you have an opportunity to… Continue reading

Hey guys, Hex here… Picking this up a week ago I was a little nervous. I had been excited about Alan Wake for a good time now, for a while not even being sure what exactly it was all about.  Releasing on the same day with a few other powerhouse titles made me anxious, —… Continue reading