Hey everyone, I for one completely missed it, but apparently Cartoon Network showed Toonami on Adult Swim for this year’s April Fools. Yes, Toonami on Adult Swim. While it hit people by a huge surprise, it was an extraordinary pleasure to hear Tom’s voice again announcing the line ups (and for Tenchi Muyo – even… Continue reading

http://www.wired.com/gamelife/2012/02/southtown-arcade-game-center/ I read over this article on Wired.com talking about the life-cycle of arcades currently. I agree with Vince that they do have a life and that they do extend beyond Japan’s borders. There’s a better market to sell games to homes and have people versus each other online; yes you have an opportunity to… Continue reading

First and foremost, for those who don’t know, I’m a huge Tekken fan – been with the franchise from the start. The fighting engine has always been fun and unique compared to other 3d fighters (dig air juggling or not…) and it’s still the one fighting game I always resort to when I got a… Continue reading

Hey guys, Hex here… Picking this up a week ago I was a little nervous. I had been excited about Alan Wake for a good time now, for a while not even being sure what exactly it was all about.  Releasing on the same day with a few other powerhouse titles made me anxious, —… Continue reading

Hey guys, Jess here! So I’m back hangin’ in the basement and thought I’d drop a review. I’m a fan of Sam Fisher, have been since the first Splinter Cell.  When I heard they were going for Conviction I almost crapped my pants. All this excitement turned to worry however,  after I heard about the… Continue reading

Hey guys, Vince here. You ha shock!  Yes, I have been playing Hokuto Musou for about a month now – must say… It has a couple set backs from making it the ultimate Hokuto game, but overall I dig it. First off, being a huge fan of Hokuto no Ken (the post apocalyptic, Japanese comic… Continue reading