Hey guys, Vince here. You ha shock!  Yes, I have been playing Hokuto Musou for about a month now – must say… It has a couple set backs from making it the ultimate Hokuto game, but overall I dig it. First off, being a huge fan of Hokuto no Ken (the post apocalyptic, Japanese comic… Continue reading

Wednesday, May 12, 2010 at 7:36PM One more episode we have for you guys for our premiere week! The Game Basement: Episode 2 — “Nine” http://www.thegamebasement.com/episode-2/ Meet Rob’s new girlfriend — and see if the guys will even bother remembering her name or not. Enjoy!

Episode 1 is up people — and with this, The Game Basement is officially up and running! http://www.thegamebasement.com/episode-1/ Welcome to the start of our 15 episode season….. Episode 2 is coming soon….. Play on people! Play on!