Hey everyone, We recorded a podcast yesterday between myself and Vince.  Our conversation ranges from what might be happening with The Game Basement second season to a Chrono Trigger film that Vince thinks would be amazing as a live-action television series. Agree or disagree? Leave a comment and let us know what you think.  

Season Finale Part-2 This is the last episode we have people! Tune in and let us know whether we need a second season or not. Otherwise, enjoy epic final ride with The Game Basement crew.

Hey everyone, PART 1 of our season finale is up. I know we have been keeping all of you in the dark, but come take a look at what is in store for everyone in the Basement Crew in the finale episode of the season.

It’s out… my one weakness is finally out for the whole world to see. A curse that has been with me since my childhood… Isabella came over and brought up some bad memories. I thought I could forget about it…move on with my life… but without fail, the one day a year that I suck… Continue reading

Hey everyone. Just to fill you in, we have bushels of awesome on the near horizon. First off, we got two videos- one random and one requested (The very first requested!). Then we’ve got some internetty web page changes. We are hard at work at making the forums less lame and more an amazing place… Continue reading