Vince from The Game Basement recently collaborated with the team at Thousand Pounds and released this very epic Naruto fan made fight. Lee vs. Naruto to prove once and for all who is the strongest. Naruto Shippuden : Dreamers Fight! Currently the video is at 200,000+ hits, lets keep it coming!

Tuesday, September 13th – We are having the Nerd Junkies come on over and crash our place. We are also planning on streaming it live! Stay tuned to us on Twitter and Facebook and we will be sending links out to where we plan on streaming so you can join the party.

First and foremost, for those who don’t know, I’m a huge Tekken fan – been with the franchise from the start. The fighting engine has always been fun and unique compared to other 3d fighters (dig air juggling or not…) and it’s still the one fighting game I always resort to when I got a… Continue reading

This week we are calling you out Namco on your “secret” movie release of Tekken : Blood Vengeance. After all we went through on the first Tekken movie, you decided to unleash this upon the world? We need to have a seat and talk about this.

Vince, Weems and myself respond to listener mail! From “Why didn’t you talk about Tekken vs. Street Fighter” to finding out that Vince use to work for THQ. To have your e-mails read, send us your comments/critiques through the “contact us” page.