The Thousand Pound Action Comapny has successfully reached their Kickstarter campaign with less than 72 hours left. What now? Well, time for them to make it and all thanks to all of the fans for their immense support. Again without out you this never would have been possible. Just to continue reminding you of the… Continue reading


Hey all, Busy busy busy, but as always, good things come to those that wait. With the Thousand Pounds Action Company we will be with them premiering the Naruto Dreamer’s Fight : Part II on Sunday July 1st (4:30pm – 6:30pm) at Anime Expo 2012. Considering the crowd’s reaction last year – this is one event you… Continue reading


We have Richie Branson on the podcast where he talks about the #BringBackToonami anthem that helped lead the effort in bring back Toonami to Adult Swim on May 26th. He talks about how he got started, where he plans on going after #BringBackToonami and of course, Vince and Richie talk about which Gundam timeline is the best.… Continue reading


Hey everyone, I for one completely missed it, but apparently Cartoon Network showed Toonami on Adult Swim for this year’s April Fools. Yes, Toonami on Adult Swim. While it hit people by a huge surprise, it was an extraordinary pleasure to hear Tom’s voice again announcing the line ups (and for Tenchi Muyo – even… Continue reading

Coming back from hiatus – Rob, Vince and myself discuss what we have been up to. Vince speaks a bit on his collaboration with Thousand Pounds on working on Street Fighter: The Devil Within and we dive into Mass Effect 3’s poorly received ending in which Rob has explained his defense of the series. Enjoy! I read over this article on talking about the life-cycle of arcades currently. I agree with Vince that they do have a life and that they do extend beyond Japan’s borders. There’s a better market to sell games to homes and have people versus each other online; yes you have an opportunity to… Continue reading