One of the founding members of “The Basement” and proud to be so. Ultimate gamer and the glue that keeps the basement members together.

Motto: “You can still get a few laughs from crappy games…”

Favorite game genre: All

Currently Playing: Super Street Fighter 4, Jo Jo’s Bizarre Adventure, Halo: Reach, Dead Rising 2, Fat Princess and Monday Night Combat


Childhood friend of Vince and one of the four founding members of “The Basement”. Retro game freak and shooter fanatic — prefers to not be caught up in human drama…

*edit*  Has left the Basement crew to become a “game designer”….or so he says…

Motto: “Mess with the best and die like the rest”

Favorite game genres: FPS, RTS, retro,

Currently Playing: GTA: V, Tetris, Tech Romancer, Total Annihilation

Looking Forward to: Planetary Annihilation


Profession: Stunt man. Hobby: Playing games with Hot chicks in them.

Eccentric, yet presently a key member of the Basement gang — Rob tends to bring new outlooks on life to the basement, along with many new girlfriends.

Motto: “Live fast and um…die awesome?”

Favorite Genre: Anything with Hot chicks in them….or Wrestling games….

Currently Playing: DOA 4, Onechan bara: Samurai bikini squad, Smack down vs. Raw 2010, Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age: Origins


A.k.a “Number 9” — She’s Rob’s new girlfriend and current newbie to the Basement. Having only played a few games as a child, she knows little of present day titles. Currently Linda is now is going through a refresher course to get caught up with the current-gen world…all thanks to Rob. She likes Rob but still wonders if dating a gaming fanatic is the right decision….

“Will I have to become a hardcore gamer myself to make this work…?”

Motto: “Fun and easy to play for beginners like me!”

Currently Playing: Power Stone 2, Street Fighter 4, Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires and GTA 4


Next door neighbor, single father, and all around cool guy — Al drops in and hangs with the basement crew whenever he has some free time from work or taking care of the kids. Huge sports game fan and wii fanatic, mainly thanks to his kids. Tends to be a “guiding voice” for the gang in their time of need.

Motto: “Live to play and play to live!”

Currently Playing: NBA 2k10, Madden 2011, Smash brothers: Brawl, Wii sports resort, No more Heroes 2.


The toughest girl gamer that ever graced the basement with her presence. She once dated Rob for a while then strangely broke it off…but since she still wanted to be a part of the basement crew, she risked awkward situation after next to overcome the “ex-factor”. Only female gamer that has given Vince a run for his money in fighting games.

Currently Playing: Assassin’s Creed 2, Left 4 dead 2, Dead or Alive 4, and Splinter Cell: Conviction and Halo: Reach

Motto: “Girls. Kick Ass.”


One of Hex’s cousins and was a good childhood friend of Vince. She recently popped back into Vince’s life when she learned about Hex’s sudden departure. She used to be a hardcore gamer when she was a kid but thanks to hard times and living with her slacker brother Rey, She hasn’t really been in the “mood” to sit back and relax with vitural entertainment….She is currently training to be a nurse.

Currently playing: Nothing…..

Used to play: Kid icarus (NES), Super smash bros. (all execpt brawl) Double Dragon, Contra.

Secretly wants to play but doesn’t have time…: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game


The other half of the Hex’s cousin yin and yang treatment….Rey too used to hang and chill with the guys in the Basement back in the happier days of it’s first conception…but when Rey and Izzie moved away, they went through some tough times. Rey joined a couple gangs in his teen years to fit in but never really comitted himself to that lifestyle. (reason being: the nerd culture was his one true home) When he heard of Hex’s departure, he attacked Vince and stole some of his games. He’s a good guy though….*ahem*

Motto: “Where da bitches at ?”

Currently Playing: Ninja Gaiden 2 Sigma, Double Dragon, COD: Black Ops, Mafia 2, Kane and Lynch: Dog Days


Vince’s boss in Japan’s younger brother. He’s a hardcore Japanese otaku with a strong attraction to the American culture…..and it’s women. Fresh newbie in the basement and the only real challenger to Vince in fighting games. He has taken over the crown of anime and manga expert (position previously held by Vince) Cool guy who just wants to fit in with the basement crew….and date hot blonde chicks. *meh*

Motto: Seichuzen godantsuki!

Currently Playing: Super Street Fighter 4, Guilty Gear XX reload, Blazblue, Virtua Fighter 5, Dream C Club Zero…..(look it up…*sigh*)